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WebcomicZ - For Sale

Taking offers to purchase

I am currently accepting offers to purchase (the site and domain name). After running this site for a number of years, I simply don't have the time to maintain it as well as I wish I could.

Being a somewhat recognizable brand in the Webcomic Community, I'm looking to find it a home with someone who will be able to do it justice. So, if you are interested, please contact me via this site's contact us form.

Despite the fact that I have not uploaded any new articles in a long time, WebcomicZ remains active and is indeed updated almost daily. New Webcomics are added almost every day. New members join almost every day. New votes, exits and tags, again, every day.

The value of owning just the database of webcomics categorized, summarized and most with icons is a valuable asset on its own to anyone who has the time and creativity to capitalize on it. Infact I've already used this database to create a second site and drive it to number 1 on Google because of the content. Google "adult webcomic" and tell which two results pop up for results 1 and 2.

Furthermore, Google "Webcomic List" and I'm in the top 5; losing only to The Webcomic List, and Wikipedia. Try other terms like "Webcomic Reviews," and "top webcomics" as well. All popular webcomic-related search terms, all on page 1 of google. Try to develop a site from scratch and do that in a year or two. This is all without currently spending a cent on advertising. This site comes with that traffic and google ranking already attached.

Beside that, I'm also selling a brand. A brand that with a small amount of effort and personal interaction with the readers is easy to promote and grow. I discovered that weeks in which I made just a handful of twitter posts, webcomic submissions increased, sales went up, posts on the forum went up and references to my site by other sites went up as well.

Now, as for the technical aspects: Yes, it probably won't be a simple site to upgrade and edit, as much of the programming is a bit advanced. However, as is, there is an admin interface I developed that will run it fairly easily. AND, I will be on-hand to help with any small issues that may be arise. The details of such an arrangement can be discussed with the potential buyer if need be.

Some statistics and data:

WebcomicZ Has:

* Almost 2000 webcomics
* Over 3000 members
* 20,000+ Pages; almost 9,000 of which are indexed by google.

As for traffic, Google Analytics seems to indicate that in the last 30 days WebcomicZ has received around:

* 21,000 Visits
* 15,000 Absolute Unique Visitors
* 75,000 Pageviews
* 3.5 Average Pageviews
* 00:03:00 Time on Site
* 35% Bounce Rate
* 60% New Visits

If you have questions regarding what these numbers mean, please let me know.

I get these numbers without spending any money on advertising, so it is all natural search engine or link traffic.

You can view for the Quantcast data regarding demographics and the like.

Bottom line, I wouldn't bother trying to sell this site if I didn't feel it had significant value to a potential buyer. You have to look at this like a business and see what assets the site actually offers. Some buyers may just want to buy this as a hobby, but I feel they'll run into the same issue I did down the line. Not enough time to give the site the attention it deserves.

If you have any questions, or would like more details please feel free to ask as well.

Again, serious offers only, thank you.

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