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for December 18th, 2011

T Campbell rejoins the discussion with Thom Revor with Alex Heberling and News Researcher Eric Kimball. Below are the bits of news gathered over the past week, as are mostly covered and discussed on the show. Some in more depth than other and some missed.

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Top Stories

Comic Creators for Freedom looking for submissions
Found via: Robot 6 - Original Source: Comic Creators for Freedom

Another “up and comic” webcomic contest. You win what you could do yourself!
The Cartoonist Studio offers a contest with an arguably a bad deal. And then Kurtz does his standard charging off of the high ground into the swamp.
Source: Fleen

Cartoonists talk about sex (or lack there of)
Found via: Comics Beat - Original Source: Nerve

Wondermark deals with “slogan” theft
Found via: Fleen - Original Source: Wondermark

McCormick Place Labor Reform Bill makes C2E2 much cheaper for exhibitors
Found via: Fleen - Original Source: (PDF)

Details on the bill’s legal history: Association Meetings (May 11th, 2011, June 27, 2011), Occupational Health & Safety

The biggest American Comic Book Convention is in Brazil
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Women Like Sci-Fi and fantasy
Original Source: The Mary Sue

Deviant Art Tutorials
Anime Expressions - by GabrielManga

Hair Painting - by Nathie

Anime Digital Painting - by DreamerRor


Why content needs to be everywhere
Original Source: GiGaOM

Asking “please” does not stop people from copying your work
Original Source: GoGaOM
And yet it was a profitable success - Louis C.K.

Remix Culture and Copyright
Original Source: GiGaOM

Overview of the Indian comic scene
Original Source: Daily Pioneer

Superheroines check for breast cancer
Lets face it there is a lot to check.
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Predicting the death of Newspapers
Original Source: The Daily Cartoonist

Star Wars / Star Trek feud settled by the hate of sparkly vampires
Found via: The Mary Sue - Original Source: George Takei

Doctor Who episodes recovered, from SPAAAAAAAAACE!
Original Source: The Mary Sue

Comic Sans strikes back.
Beware pretentious graphic designers, the revenge of comic sans will be swift and brutal.
Found via: The Daily Cartoonist - Original Source: Comic Sans Project

Opera’s Graphic Novel Book List
Original Source: Oprah

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