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for March 11, 2012

Thereisnosaurus (Hero in Training) joins in on the discussion this week with Thom Revor, Eric Kimball, and Jason Strawsburg bring you this week's edition of The Webcomic Beacon Newscast! Read all the news of the past week below. Some news not discussed in part, or at all, on the show.

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Top Stories

16 Awesome Websites, Apps & Tools for Web Cartoonists – Business Advice
Found via: Robot 6 - Original Source: Andertoons


Webcomic Art Exhibition
Original Source: Webcomic Overlook

Sabertooth Vampire move to Dark Horse
Original Source: Digital Spy

ShiftyLook announces two more webcomics
Original Source: The Beat


One stop shop for Business licenses
Original Source: GiGaOM

The Business of Comixology
Original Source: Robot 6

DC launches new website, urges fans to do what they already do naturally
Original Source: The Beat


Diary of a Zombie Kid rises from the grave
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Justice Department Threatens Lawsuits, Alleging Collusion Over E-Book Pricing
Found via: @PublishersWkly - Original Source: The Wallstreet Journal


How the brain processes comics
Found via: Kleefeld on Comics - Original Source: Emaki Productions
Additional Readings - Emaki Productions

Step by Step cover design
Found via: Robot 6 - Original Source: Bryant Paul Johnson

Dreamworks Character design
Found via: Robot 6 - Original Source: The Dare Detectives part 1 | part 2


Apple Announces the New iPad
Found via: @PublishersWkly - Original Source: IGN

Google Play: a closer look
Found via: @PublishersWkly - Original Source: ars technica


Brian Clevinger - Paying creators for their effort
Original Source: Robot 6

Let’s learn about life with the cartoonists
Original Source: The Beat


Comic created solely on the iPad
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

ComiXology Releases Jonathan Hickman Creator-Owned Digital Omnibus for $35
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Marvel Teases 'Infinite Comics' Before SXSW Announcement
What the hell is Marvel “Infinite” going to be?
Original Source: Comics Alliance


Nudist John Carter comic
Found via: The Beat - Original Source: ERBzine

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Friendship
Found via: Comic Alliance - Original Source: M3

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