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for March 25, 2012

Marie Tary (Shifters: Redux) joins in on the news and discussion of the past week, once again, with Eric Kimball and Jason Strawsburg. Chris Hazelton (Misfile) joins in on the news discussion this week.

Break Promo: Animation Aficionados


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ReviewsZ: Subnormality
by Caitlin Hart

Top Stories

More on Mark Waid’s wade into webcomics
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

Comic Shop Blowback from Mark Waids Digital Announcement
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

WonderCon 2012: Digital Comics Price Fight!
Original Source: The Beat


Dark Horse Teams With Felicia Day For Weekly Free Motion Comics
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Another Marvel $5 coupon for $3 digital purchase
Original Source: Graphic Policy


Crowd Funding: Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo
Found via: @SocialSavvyGeek - Original Source: Tech2All

Big Names does not mean success online
Original Source:

An apology to digital comics - Carla Hoffman
Original Source: Robot 6


Apple’s new retina display better for reading comics
Original Source: Chicago Sun-Times

‘PayPal Here’ Accepts Credit Card Payments from iPhones and Android
Copy Editor’s Note: Square at has been doing this already.
Original Source: Mashable
Additionally: Smart Phone Credit Card Reader

The open vs closed internet debate in detail
Original Source: GiGaOM


Eagle awards voting
Found via: ComixTalk - Original Source: Eagle Awards

You Can’t Copyright Pi.
Original Source: Slashdot

Kickstarter Palooza
Original Source: ComixTalk

Axe Cop interview at Darkhorse
Found via: Fleen - Original Source: Dark Horse

Could digital comics get UK tax break if they are animated?
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

WC12: Niles, Epitaph Records Put New Distribution Deal on the Table
Found via: Comics Alliance - Original Source: Comic Book Resources


Police stop the Batmobile
Original Source: Bleeding Cool
Additionally: (YouTube)

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