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The Super Fogeys - Review

a comic by Brock Heasley & Marc Lapierre

SuperFogeys, written by Brock Heasley and drawn by Marc LaPierre is an original spin on a classic trope: superheroes and villains battling each other in an endless face off of good versus evil, but these day’s they’re just too old for that death ray-blasting, bolder-hurling, leaping tall buildings shit. That’s right, as age comes to the heroes and villains alike they find themselves forced to exist together in Valhalla, rest home for the supertired.

There is no single main character, but rather a main group of characters, each with an intricate backstory and ulterior motives, and a small group of less developed support characters. Captain Spectacular is the classic Superman-type who has a fascinating and ancient past with his nemesis and bad guy extraordinaire, Dr. Rocket. These days they mostly play chess, watch TV and snipe at each other for cheesy catch phrases. They’re joined by Swifty, a former Flash-like superhero whose bitter old man humor is used as both comic relief and skeptical reflection on the wisdom of having superpowers and longevity in old age. Switfy is constantly dealing with Jerry, Captain Spectacular’s former side kick who is disarmingly cheerful and optimistic to the point of annoyance. Almost immediately they are joined by Spy Gal, who enters Valhalla on a mission to eliminate a Mr. Crook. Unfortunately, Mr. Crook has already passed away and Spy Gal can’t seem to convince the orderlies to let her return to to the outside. Spy Gal and Captain Spectacular were once romantically linked, which creates all sorts of drama when Star Maiden, Captain Spectacular’s ex-wife (one of them) shows up. Luckily, she appears to be too far down the path of dementia to realize how much Spy Gal would like to melt her with lasers. Dr. Klein is the hunky head of Valhalla who cheerfully ignores all of the patients’ requests while being infuriatingly suspicious and unimpeachable. At first, it seems that within Valhalla there is a grudging truce of live and let live between good and evil, until Tangerine, a chaotic good dwarf-like hero with a black-and-white definition of evil and a no-compromises approach to dealing with it. Tangerine's actions quickly reveal several dark conspiracies involving, Dr. Rocket, Dr. Klein and possibly naive Jerry.

We’ll start the critique with the art, since there is not much to say other than that it is excellent, colorful, active and very fitting for the genera. Marc LaPierre has done 100 SuperFogeys strips so far and has seamlessly blended his style with Brock’s original style for minimal disruption in the visual experience. Brock now gets to sleep, eat and write, which he does exceedingly well. The caricatures of the main cast are an enjoyable, humorous facade over a dark and tangled web of deceit, betrayal, loss, and heartbreak that fuel the never-ending vendettas, conspiracies, and conquests which are the drivers of all great superhero stories. You’ll want to start at the beginning to truly appreciate the balance struck between the humorous premise, the complex interleaving of pasts and the slow, masterful, peeling of the layers which will make you wonder who is really good, who is misguided, and who is secretly pure evil.

The Super Fogeys updates twice a week.

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Grade Sheet


Very suitable for the superhero genera. Marc had quite a challenge taking over an established strip after 300 episodes, but he did it very well. The character expressions fit well with both the humorous and dark aspects of the strip.


Wonderful. An excellent blend of one-off humor and long form, intrigue-driven story.


A very customized appearance, with Captain Spectacular Blue (baby blue, you might call it) being the dominant color. There are ads, but they are in the blog sidebar, so the comic is top and center. Title and menu fonts are reminiscent of those from classic comic books.

The mix of humor and drama is complex and addicting, funny and emotionally involving. The characters function as both unique personalities and classic tropes in respectful parody of the form.
You will like this webcomic if: You will not like this webcomic if:

You like superhero stories. It's a different take, for sure, but there is still adventure, valor and good versus evil.

You don't like humor getting in the way or your drama or drama getting in the way of your humor. You don't like superhero stories.

Serious - Humorous Scale:
Serious or Comedic

The early Chapters are more humorous, but the stories have taken a much more serious turn. Humor still exists, but tends to exists in the transition strips between long stories. The Origin strips are all quite serious.

Continuity Scale:
Heavy-Continuity or Single Shot

This is a continuous story. It is important to read from the beginning to appreciate the interwoven pasts of the heroes and villains.

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