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Chrusher: Graphic Novel & Classic Comic Archives mature

Chrusher is the flagship banner for graphic novels and comic books by Christopher Galletta Stevens. Currently airing is a new thrilling graphic novel of forensic artist/detective/martial-arts expert nicknamed "Chrusher," the past that he cannot escape from, and a woman whose death has haunted him for over a decade. In the archive that spans 1,000 pages and 46 issues of "Classic Crusher Comics", which is a comedy done mostly while the author was in school. Though all of the comics are interrelated, they are not interdependent, and new readers are welcome to view not just the new graphic novel, but skip around the rather large archive. Although most of the content is PG-13, there are moments of Rated-R (and up) material.

Printed issues of both Classic and New (often with all-new bonus material) are now also available here.

Webcomic Start Date Started: Jan 01,1989

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  • Mature
  • Action/Adventure
  • Drama

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  • American
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  • Realistic

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