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Fruitful Confusion

The country of Asfaran has a legend that the isolated town of Rone is home to a person named Keshi who can grant any wish. In this time of civil unrest, Asfaran's people start hoping it's more than just a legend - and then along comes the fruit merchant whose name is Keshi and who claims to come from Rone. Some people believe he's the wish granter and are determined to get what they want, while others think itís simply just a scam - but Keshi has no idea what they're talking about. He knows nothing about the legend and is appalled that some don't even think his hometown even exists.

Keshi soon finds himself traveling with a half-Ryoka mailman Zev and a mute journalist Rezen on his way back to Rone so he can prove his town exists to somebody...but as knowledge of Keshi's name grows, so does the trouble they encounter. They find themselves discovering the truth behind some of their country's history - such as how the wish granter and Rone became a legend when both are real. They also then learn that the truth doesnít come without consequences...

Webcomic Start Date Started: Sep 01,2009

Webcomic Tags Genres

  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Humor

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  • Full Color
  • Manga

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  • Full Page
  • Serial/Ongoing
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