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Decimated Eden mature

A princess name Kurashu who wants to know about the Phoenician and itís culture. She hires a knight name Serge, and they both set out on a journey to the Phoenician realm with their companions. What they donít know is that the dark forces of Eden are in search for the Oracle which they believe they have found, and will stop at nothing to recover it. Encountering Dragons and their Dragoons Kurashu and Serge and the others will have to battle the dark forces in order to reveal the truth of the Oracle and of the past. The battle for the light and darkness has begun. Who will rage victorious and who will fall into the abyss?

Webcomic Start Date Started: Jan 01,2001

Webcomic Tags Genres

  • Fantasy
  • Action/Adventure
  • Drama

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  • Black & White
  • Manga
  • Miscellaneous

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