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Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red

A fancomic set in the universe of the Touhou Project series of games, made using the Walfas Create.swf, a character/comic creation tool, showing various characters' adventures and lives in the magical land of Gensokyo. It's basically a lighthearted alternate-universe fanfiction comic, with associated prose fiction. It touches on the categories of action, fantasy, comedy, romance, parody, and slice-of-life, sometimes all at once. There's no discrimination about which characters appear -- sometimes it focuses on the life of shrine-maiden Reimu Hakurei and ordinary-witch Marisa Kirisame; sometimes it visits the Scarlet Devil Mansion to meet the spoiled vampire Remilia Scarlet, her sister Flandre, and her maid Sakuya Izayoi; sometimes it goes underground to meet the mind-reading Satori Komeiji and her sister Koishi, or to the top of the mountain to meet Sanae Kotiya of the Moriya Shrine, or back down to the demon realm to meet the goofy and hyperactive dark goddess Shinki, or to the heavens to meet the bratty angel Tenshi Hinanai ... And, of course, there's a bit too much shipping.

Webcomic Start Date Started: Jul 01,2008

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