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Ballad of Little Monster#2

Webcomic: Ballad of Little Monster#2
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Crime. Death. Mayhem. The fall of man. These are all just child’s play in head and the world of Little Monster. His journey though a dystopian society is wrought with evil and pain. How can anyone comprehend the crazed nature of such a world? Little Monster can. And he wants you to join him".The lead character is a kind of psychopath ,called "Little Monster" . This lead character seems to have become a Crypt-Keeper or Rod Serling,introducing various stories from his ruined world.The short stories are similar in disposition to other popular French comics stories, including "The Spirit (as it is published in France)" and "Gaston Lagaffe": independent stories that,when joined together, form a sort of collage of tales with the same lead character.A dark but hopefully redemptive vision of a future cityscape
The genre is : horror and dark humor with allusions to contemporary events.

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