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Wapsi Square

Webcomic: Wapsi Square
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Monica has stopped questioning her own sanity and started questioning the world around her. Oh, she might still be crazy, but Topez, the Aztec god of alcohol is real, and really did summon the fractured remains of a chimera in the form of three drunken college girls. Who knew the power to lay waste to civilization was so sexy?

Monica's friends will help keep her grounded, but can they be trusted with the secret to the end... and the beginning... of the world?

Wapsi Square's dark humor and macabre fantasy create a world almost exactly like the one you want to believe in.

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  • Wapsi Square Review -
    Webcomic Review: Aztec gods, human sacrfices, booze and babes.

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WebcomicZ Review for Wapsi Square

A highly recommended webcomic that mixes humor, epic stories and fun characters. Aztec gods, human sacrifices and giant boobs. Really... do you need anything more?